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Lou Bashall - The Body Compass

Becoming a Chiropractor 23 years ago was never my plan. Still, as with so many twists and turns in life, the unexpected often creates a positive outcome. So it was that after debilitating back pain, I was recommended yet another therapist, who happened to be a Chiropractor.

The remarkable changes I experienced were inspiring, and I went back to college to become a chiropractor. The rest, as they say, is history. Auckland is now my home, and it is a city I love – both for life and for work.

As an afternote to my low back pain experience, I had back pain when I was young. My back would hurt doing a roly-poly. However, I didn’t know that that wasn’t normal, so I never mentioned it. So, if you have a child who tells you that their back hurts, it’s worth getting them checked over as something has got to a point where they recognise it isn’t right.

I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors, so you can sign me up for anything that gets me out. Walking, sailing and sea kayaking are all favourite pursuits. In more recent years, I’ve discovered the joy of running, completing the Paris Marathon in 2018 to fundraise for Duchenne UK.

When time permits, I head off in a sea kayak. The last trip was for a couple of weeks with my son in the Stockholm Archipelago – a memorable time with Joe in one of the world’s most beautiful places!

My other great loves are food and cooking. Good food is a source of nourishment on so many levels and is central to my time with my partner, friends, and family.

My early working years were in 3D Design, principally in ceramics. When time permits (or we run out of mugs), I can be found over at the Clay Centre making mugs, bowls, plates and teapots.

There is still a joy to be found in the immersive experience of sitting at a potter's wheel and creating, decorating and firing pots. No matter how many times I have done it, unpacking a glaze firing is always a magical experience. I often think that the understanding gleaned from those early years about how things work and look in 3D has stood me in good stead for my Chiropractic career.

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