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There are many different reasons that people seek Chiropractic care. For more complex cases, I allow more time and charge accordingly.
Please feel free to call me to discuss which route is most appropriate for you


Initial Consultation, examination and treatment
(if Chiropractic care is considered appropriate for you)

Initial consultation (Adult)


Subsequent Visits (Adult)


Initial consultation (Child)


Subsequent Visits (Child)


Pre-payment Plans

Standard chiropractic appointments attract a discount for pre-payment.
You can choose to purchase either six (5% discount) or twelve (10% discount) sessions in advance.

6 Pre-paid sessions (Adult)


12 Pre-paid sessions (Adult)


6 Pre-paid sessions (Child)


12 Pre-paid sessions (Child)


Vertigo, Dizziness, Concussion, Post Concussion Syndrome and Anatomy in Motion - movement and footwork

Initial Consultation 2 hours


Subsequent visits 1 hour


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